2 comments on “Do-It-Yourself Blu-Ray Laser Pointer (Part 2)

  1. Hello,
    I know this a (very) late reply, and you might even already figured it out yourself by now,
    or you might even have learned more about the components.

    But I was showing some colleagues the possibility’s DVD and blu-ray lasers and I came
    acros your website. The only thing I noticed is that you used a Electrolytic capacitor for the
    0.1uF but this is supposed to be a Ceramic Capacitor. You can recognize them in the schematics
    by the two flat lines of equal thickness and that there is no + symbol next to them (no polarity)

    Hope this is still usefull by now 😉

    By the way did you manage to find a decent lens to get it working after all?

    • Good point. I used what I had on hand, or whatever was the cheapest to buy. Hopefully others will learn from this. I did find some lenses, and was able to focus the beam to a reasonable dot. However, in recent years, blue laser diodes have come way down in price so that makes this solution a little less attractive. It’s still fun to see if you can get it to work!

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