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    • Yes, I have now installed limit switches which makes it a little easier to use. I received my first bits in the mail from Precise Bits, who were very helpful when I called and asked what I should purchase. I just need a few hours now to try my first project, which will be an adapter to allow me to mount a shop vac to the CNC machine for dust collection.

  1. I successfully cut out my first project with this machine. I made an adaptor for the router that holds a hose from a shop vac so the shop vac can suck up all the dust when the machine cuts. It is a little strange to use a CNC machine to make parts for itself, but it worked perfectly!

  2. I am new to cnc and have purchased a Fireball X90. Do you, or someone have a wiring diagram with location points for the limit switches and e-stop switch for the cnc-usb controller.

      • Thanks for the WEB link. I am looking forward to setting up my Fireball CNC and seeing how the X90 functions. I am also planning on hooking up the LZ input for tool length. I assume that I need a 5V supply to the limit switches and I also assume that when wiring the external e-stop switch that I will need to remove the jumper pin on the pcb. As I am currently waiting for the switches to arrive, I will check out the WEB link before I start the wiring project. Better to be correct the first time.

        • It depends on what controller board you are running. The board I was using did not require a separate power supply for the switches. I simply wired them into the terminals on the board and then configured everything using the controller software.

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