10 comments on “Retro Wooden Nixie Tube Clock

  1. I have been using the PV Electronics kits for my most recent Nixie clock builds, and they are now the only kit I will use. Nothing better than the ability to replace a dead or broken Nixie than the tube plugs.

    I am curious if you offer the wooden case for the QTC clock for sale. I know that I, along with some other Nixie fans would be interested in purchasing some.


    …Semper Fidelis…

    • That’s good to know. I had a great experience with this kit. Because my wooden case was made using my CNC machine, I wasn’t planning on offering anything for sale. Perhaps someday down the road…

      • This is beautiful. I’m in the process of finishing up my QTC build, but I don’t have an accurate set of calipers to determine the spacing between the holes for the tubes. Would you be comfortable sharing those numbers, if not your CAD file?

        • The spacing between pairs of tubes was 10.1 mm, and the spacing between each tube in a pair was 3.1 mm. They were arranged in three groups of two.

  2. if you offer the case for sale please let me know I would also like to purchase one. I have a few PV kits myself and would get another one just for your box from Pete.

  3. I’d buy a couple of these cases in a heartbeat. I bet Pete at PV Electronics would be very interested in stocking these as well. Beautiful job!

    • Thanks! It was a one-off project so I don’t have any for sale, but hopefully this will inspire people to build their own.

  4. This case is soo cool. Have you decided if you will make a few for sale? I would buy 4 or more. I too use Pete’s kits. Lots of people would buy these.

    • I’m on to other projects now, so sadly I’m not making these for sale. I may revisit this in the future though, and if I do, I’ll post it here. Thanks!

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