2 comments on “Meet the newest robot: a snow plow!

  1. Hi there,
    That looks really good. Love your blog posts.
    A couple of questions:
    How is the traction with 4 tires?
    How do you find the power? I was thinking of building using two motors chain connected to 4 wheels.

    Thank you

    • The traction is acceptable with the four tires, but I chose the tires with aggressive treads just to be sure. Yes, there are times that it slips, but overall it is capable of plowing an inch or two without too much difficulty. It tends to start to slip after a large pile of snow has built up in front of the plow blade. To remedy this, I’ve had it make more frequent passes with less snow plowed each time. That seems to work well. The power is perfect. Not too fast, and plenty of torque. Two motors would be fine, but they would need to be sufficiently sized so as to be able to have very high torque.

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