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  1. JP Aerospace just posted a link to this on Facebook. Nice! I’m thinking about a temperature-logging PongSat myself — just tested the data logger (SparkFun uLog) and it works; I’ll put something on my blog about that soon. I hadn’t thought about the battery until now. Glad to have that information! Not sure yet what I’ll use for the temperature sensor — it’ll need to be analog; to start with I’ve ordered a thermistor and a semiconductor device from SparkFun both of which are rated to -40C which happens to be the same as -40F, so both may be questionable for this.

  2. Thanks, this was a fun project. I’m really impressed that JP Aerospace is offering this at no cost. If anyone else gets the chance to fly a PongSat, we would certainly encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity. This was an excellent way to introduce two young boys to electronics and experimentation. The Arduino board used for this PongSat has already been repurposed into another project, so the learning will continue!

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