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Jawa EyesFor Halloween this year, my boys decided they wanted to be a Jawa from Star Wars.  One of the requirements was that they have glowing eyes.  Not just any glowing eyes, but orange glowing eyes.  This is how I created some realistic Jawa eyes with just a few dollars of materials.

First, to get the orange glow, I purchased some high intensity orange LEDs (part number 404-1097-ND) from Digi-Key.  They were only $0.71 each.  I also purchased a 9-volt battery clip (part number BS12I-HD-24AWG-ND) for $0.33.  To control the current going to the LEDs, I purchased a 500 ohm potentiometer (part number 3386W-501LF-ND) for $1.29. Continue Reading