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The balls sent to the edge of space.Our PongSat ping pong ball was successfully flown on JP Aerospace flight “Away 47” on April 9, 2011 (it is the experiment on the far left above). It reached a height of 85,549 feet before the balloon carrying the ping pong balls popped and the experiment fell back to Earth.

The structure holding the PongSat balls as they went to the edge of space!

The weight of the balloon and payload was approximately 12.5 pounds, and it climbed at an average rate of 1,300 feet per minute. The flight duration was 1 hour, 25 minutes. JP Aerospace recorded a minimum temperature of -74.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The payload was recovered 27.25 miles from the launch site, which was near Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Continue Reading

Our PongSat ball fully assembled.Today, our first PongSat experiment will be launched to the edge of space! JP Aerospace, a group located in California, offers to fly student experiments that fit inside of a ping pong ball to the edge of space, often over 100,000 feet above the surface of the Earth. Did I mention that they do this at no cost to the experimenter? To get started, you only need to send an e-mail to

With the help of my two boys, we created a ping pong ball experiment to measure the temperature and humidity over the course of the ascent and descent of the balloon used to carry the balls up to space. Continue Reading