The working laser.
Everything I had read thus far told me that I needed a circuit which supplied a constant current to the laser diode.  It would have been easier if I could have just connected the laser diode to my DC power […]
Blu Ray Player
About six months ago, I purchased a Sharp Aquos BDHP20 Blu-Ray player to watch movies I rent via Netflix.  The DVD player worked perfectly for several months, enabling me to watch all sorts of movies in high definition.  Life was good. Then one […]
Sony Vaio P
The Sony Vaio P has taken a lot of grief because it is a slower “netbook” than other models.  Yes, it is a netbook, and yes it is slow.  That’s not all bad. First, the device runs without a fan, […]
Bird Feeder Web Camera
Bird feeders are a wonderful thing.  Just by placing a small amount of bird seed in the feeder, you can attract a wide variety of wildlife to your backyard.  Unfortunately, this might include some wildlife you might not have anticipated. […]
Doll House
About a year ago, I realized my daughter would need to have a doll house when she turned four.  She doesn’t know she needs one, but I do.  While on a vacation in Duluth, Minnesota, I happened to come across […]
Like any good do-it-yourself project, this one started with a need.  I have a home which has a radiant floor heating system.  I’ve never had a heating system of this type, and as such, I tried to learn everything I […]