Do-It-Yourself Blu-Ray Laser Pointer (Part 2)

Laser 1Everything I had read thus far told me that I needed a circuit which supplied a constant current to the laser diode.  It would have been easier if I could have just connected the laser diode to my DC power supply and adjusted the voltage, but that would have been too easy.

By the way, this is part 2 of a two part series on this project.  If you missed part 1, you can review it here. Continue reading “Do-It-Yourself Blu-Ray Laser Pointer (Part 2)”

Do-It-Yourself Blu-Ray Laser Pointer (Part 1)

Blu Ray PlayerAbout six months ago, I purchased a Sharp Aquos BDHP20 Blu-Ray player to watch movies I rent via Netflix.  The DVD player worked perfectly for several months, enabling me to watch all sorts of movies in high definition.  Life was good.

Then one day, a disc refused to load.  I figured it had a scratch, and I tried other Blu-Ray discs.  None would load.  I found a firmware update, and updated the firmware.  No go.  The player still wouldn’t read the discs.  It played DVDs just fine, but not Blu-Ray discs.  I eventually got frustrated enough to purchase a new Blu-Ray player, figuring I’d dissect the old player and extract the Blu-Ray laser diode. Continue reading “Do-It-Yourself Blu-Ray Laser Pointer (Part 1)”