As many readers out there may know, I am a strong proponent of cycling and energy conservation initiatives.  Although I usually ride a traditional or “regular” bicycle, I have also recently constructed an electric bicycle.  My intention was to consider […]
Gripper for a robotic arm.
The motivating factor for the construction of this robotic arm originally came from a tour of the Volvo factory in Göteborg, Sweden. It was during this factory tour that I first saw the massive robotic arms used to pick up […]
A view of a lake from the edge of space.
Our PongSat ping pong ball was successfully flown on JP Aerospace flight “Away 47” on April 9, 2011 (it is the experiment on the far left above). It reached a height of 85,549 feet before the balloon carrying the ping […]
Our PongSat ball.
Today, our first PongSat experiment will be launched to the edge of space! JP Aerospace, a group located in California, offers to fly student experiments that fit inside of a ping pong ball to the edge of space, often over […]
It's bread!
Every once in a while, I find something that I haven’t used in a while and it suddenly catches my interest. In this case, it was an automatic bread maker (machine) which had been sitting in a cupboard unused for […]
The sun is shining.
Question: Is it possible to power a cell phone (specifically, my iPhone 3G) with just solar power without the need for huge, permanent solar panels?   Background Research: In order to determine if this was possible, I needed to do some research.  […]
Pins in the ceiling
When I was younger, I would lay in bed and imagine I could see the stars through my ceiling.  My dream became a reality when I turned 14 years old.  Well, almost a reality.  While shopping at a local craft […]
The working laser.
Everything I had read thus far told me that I needed a circuit which supplied a constant current to the laser diode.  It would have been easier if I could have just connected the laser diode to my DC power […]
Blu Ray Player
About six months ago, I purchased a Sharp Aquos BDHP20 Blu-Ray player to watch movies I rent via Netflix.  The DVD player worked perfectly for several months, enabling me to watch all sorts of movies in high definition.  Life was good. Then one […]
Bird Feeder Web Camera
Bird feeders are a wonderful thing.  Just by placing a small amount of bird seed in the feeder, you can attract a wide variety of wildlife to your backyard.  Unfortunately, this might include some wildlife you might not have anticipated. […]