Life in the Bike Lane

A few years ago, someone I know decided to rebuild a bike from an old run-down parts. Watching him construct the bike made me realize that I actually enjoyed cycling, and wanted to make it a larger part of my life. Sitting in traffic during rush hour each day also did not help, and something needed to change. Shortly after that, I began to commute by bike to work.

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Solar Powered Electric Bike

As many readers out there may know, I am a strong proponent of cycling and energy conservation initiatives.  Although I usually ride a traditional or “regular” bicycle, I have also recently constructed an electric bicycle.  My intention was to consider using the electric bicycle for trips where the time spent commuting needed to be minimized.  In other words, for those days that I felt lazy, how late could I sleep in each morning, yet still arrive at work on time if traveling by bicycle? Continue reading “Solar Powered Electric Bike”

Project Paracord

Project 1About six months ago, I was looking for a good EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knife.  Every gentleman should have a pocket knife for those random times when something suddenly needs to be cut.  For example, a thread from a piece of clothing.  Eventually I settled on aSpyderco Spin Etched Stainless Steel Plain Edge Knife.  The knife alone looked a little naked, so I found a web site that offered paracord fobs for pocket knives.  I purchased one, which complemented the knife very well.  I forgot where I purchased it from, but it was only seven dollars.  For those confused as to what paracord is, it is essentially 4-5 mm parachute cord, containing seven individual strands of rope inside a sheath.  A hundred feet of paracord costs about seven dollars. Continue reading “Project Paracord”

1963 Mercury Comet Custom Convertible

CometOver the past weekend, we picked up a 1963 Mercury Comet.  Not just any Mercury Comet, but a custom convertible with a 170 engine.  The car is mostly original, with only about 76,000 miles on the odometer.  This will make a great project car.  It is our hope that we can fully restore this car to original condition, yet make it completely able to be used as a daily driver. Continue reading “1963 Mercury Comet Custom Convertible”

Helmet Camera

Helmet CameraWith the miniaturization of camera components, including the increasing size of flash storage space in such small packages, the shrinking of cameras was inevitable.  With the decrease in size, the ability to record just about every aspect of one’s life is also possible.  Plus, the cameras can go where it was previously impossible.  This makes it attractive to record those moments where we really feel alive – when the adrenaline is rushing.  Thus, enter the world of the helmet cam(era).

POV1.5After conducting a bit of research on which helmet camera offered the best quality video, the smallest size package, and the most robust features and camera body, I selected theVIO POV 1.5.  It’s expensive, but I hope to recover some of the cost when I sell it later to fund another project. Continue reading “Helmet Camera”

A Doll House

Doll HouseAbout a year ago, I realized my daughter would need to have a doll house when she turned four.  She doesn’t know she needs one, but I do.  While on a vacation in Duluth, Minnesota, I happened to come across a small store called Teeny Weeny Miniature Cottage in Canal Park.  The owner was nice, and offered numerous tips on building a doll house.  She eventually recommended a kit, and I purchased the Bellingham Farm doll house (BL 455) which is no longer being offered. Continue reading “A Doll House”